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EPE Foam  Thai Foam Product Co., Ltd. EPE Foam  Thai Foam Product Co., Ltd.




EPE Foam made of Polyethylene

Standard size: approx. 1x2 Meter (the standard size depends on the thickness)
Color: white, black
Density: 30-100 kg/m3
Thickness: 0.5-100 mm.

EPE Foam’s qualities are waterproof, buoyancy, fire retardant, excellent chemical and oil resistance, light weight, good flexibility, protection from scratch and impact



• Packaging – Medical, Electronic, Ceramic, furniture, pottery Protection, Bag etc.
• Sporting – Life jacket, Swimming Broad.


Our company is able to offer EPE Foam in various forms

• Standard Sheet for industrial uses
• Standard Sheet laminated with Aluminum foil
• Unique and Customized shapes as customers’ requirement by die-cut or lamination with adhesive





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