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EVA Foam  Thai Foam Product Co., Ltd. EVA Foam  Thai Foam Product Co., Ltd.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) FOAM



EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam has special qualities which are good elasticity, light weight, good compression set, smooth and colorful surface.

Standard size: 1.2 x 2.4 Meter
Color: variety
Hardness: 20-74 kg/m3


Popular application

• Packaging – Specialist packaging of all types especially for cushion
• Sporting – Life jacket, Swimming board.
• Toy - Educational toy, Puzzle, Table for children
• Other application – such as Shoe sole (footwear), Slipper, Floor board, Mat, Children toy, Mouse pad, Visors, Frame picture, gasket etc.


Our company has ability to offer EVA Foam in various forms

• Standard Sheet for industrial uses
• Standard Sheet with texture for shoe industry
• Unique and Customized shapes as customers’ requirement by screen printing or die-cut with and without adhesive





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